Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring main type: AS 568 Teflon O-ring, JIS PG Teflon O-ring, GB Teflon O-ring, AS 568 PTFE O-ring, JIS PG PTFE O-ring, GB PTFE O-ring. Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring surface is smooth, none the needle eye, none the fragments, the precision achieves +/ -0.03 mm to +/ -0.08 mm . Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring Characteristic: Very low friction coefficient, Bears the high temperature, has extremely good bears the climate, bears the ozone and bears the chemical properties, bears the petroleum. Teflon O-ring, PTFE O-ring uses in astronautics, the automobile, the medical service, the drugs manufacture, the satellite, the valve, pump, the bathroom, the electron, the electric appliance, and so on industry.