Rubber ball main type: NBR rubber ball, Nitrile rubber ball, NR rubber ball, CR rubber ball, BUNA rubber ball, SBR rubber ball, EPDM rubber ball, HNBR rubber ball, SILICONE rubber ball, VITON rubber ball. Rubber ball precision achieved +/-0.02 to 0.001 mm , not gather the mold line, none the fragments, the surface is smooth, high-tech, the high quality, provides for the high precise customer selects. The Rubber ball uses in astronautics, the automobile, the medical service, the drugs manufacture, the satellite, the valve, pump, the bathroom, the electron, the electric appliance, and so on industry. Rubber ball size: 3.2mm ; 4.0mm ; 4.8mm ; 5.56mm ; 6.35mm ; 6.5mm ; 7.14mm ; 7.93mm ; 9.52mm ; 10.0mm ; 10.32mm 11.11mm ; 12.7mm ; 14.28mm ; 15.87mm ; 17.46mm ; 19.05mm ; 22.22mm ; 25.4mm ; 30.0mm ; 35MM ; 40.0mm ; 50.0mm ; 55mm ; 60mm ; 65mm ; 70mm ; 75mm ; 80mm